Our students are all healthy so far and adhere to the corona rules. So wearing a mask and keeping distance.

Since they all come from poor families, now that they cannot go to school, they miss their meal at noon. Which was often the only meal they got each day.
In order to ensure that our students remain as healthy as possible, we have started distributing food packages.
Part of the school fees and part of our reserves are used to finance this.

It is not yet known when the schools will open again, but we expect that it will take some time before the situation is more normal again. In the meantime, the school wants students to study at home through e-learning, but our students generally cannot afford a computer or smartphone, so we fear they will be quite behind. If they do not make their transition to the next class, it is through no fault of their own and we will have to sponsor them an extra year.

Do you know someone who still has a laptop or smartphone that is no longer used? Our students will be very happy with that.

Interested in sponsorship or extra donation?

Or just curious? Get in touch with us!