After primary school, we offer children who do not have a chance to receive further education from their home for a secondary education. Based on the scores at the primary school, the head teacher and a MES member (Kevince Odongo) make a pre-selection of pupils from 14 schools. Candidates must meet the following conditions:

    Good test score
    Bad finances
    No more than two children from one family
    Walking distance from school

On this basis, a temporary list is drawn up. Subsequently, a further selection is made on the basis of an unannounced home visit in which photographs are taken of the living situation. After this, the students are invited to visit Maraboi for:

    Write down their life story
    Signing a contract

Then the students receive an invitation from Agai to register. Students are also tested for AIDS pregnancy. If everything is in order the following is provided by OKE:

    School uniform
    Eating utensils

Then the student can go to high school.

After the students have passed their high school, those who have passed with good grades will have the opportunity to follow a further education if there are enough funds.

If a student succeeds with B or C +, then there is the possibility to follow a vocational training if the sponsor agrees. Attending a computer course is also possible to increase the chances of a job. If a student obtains a diploma with a B + or A then he or she qualifies for a scholarship for the university.

In Kenya, there is an interim year after high school where potential students are invited by the University (s). From those who study further, we expect that they will not only take care of themselves by earning money during that period, but also that they will focus on their possibilities. The student is expected to hold a harambee (money collection at the family) in order to be able to pay a part of the entrance fee. The OKE Foundation (the sponsor) supplements the amount if necessary up to a maximum of € 250.